How to Use Scent to Your Greatest Advantage

Your sense of smell is a powerful thing to have with you. There have been countless things that have been associated with the fact that you can get yourself some serious memories with the smell or scent of a thing alone. So, how does one use scent to one’s advantage?

There are plenty of ways for you to get bottled scents. You can buy one that is pre-mixed or you can buy terpenes for sale to mix on your own. It is a fun thing that you can try and it is something that would truly be a challenge. There are many companies that can make it happen, all you have to do is to find the ones that you are comfortable with.

However, in this article, your main focus will be on the fact that you will be using the scent to your greatest advantage. There are ways about it and you have to learn how does smell or scent influence your life.


As mentioned before, you can associate memory with scents. There have been studies on the subject about the correlation of your memory with the scents that you associate with it. There really is, when you pass by a bakery and smell the sweet scent of butter and sugar, you remember your mother baking in the kitchen. It is a very powerful thing to consider as much as you can get away with.


While you remember a memory through the scent alone, it can also tug on a very powerful thing your emotion. This is one of the reasons as to why aromatherapy is a great way to relax and feel you are in. There are certain smells out there that will really create a nice way for you to relax, smells that will heighten your anger or happiness.

It all depends on the right combination of things. It is a subtle nudge to your emotions, it isn’t something that will bombard you with images but rather only scents that will tug and pull at it.


There have been recent studies made on the connection between smell and time perception. The more pleasant the smell the more the person would dwell. It would create a perception that may seem a little longer in time when nothing like that has ever happened at all. It’s a great way to use in business because it will more than likely make a customer buy a product.


As mentioned, before we can associate a smell with certain memories and emotion. Scent has been made to ensure that you have a positive reaction to some. Thus, it would help you in times wherein you need to relax and stay calm. It is something that would help to increase the motivation and productivity of a person.

In conclusion, smell is a powerful sense that would give an extra dimension for a person to experience. It is something that could be both pleasant and not. However, the same thing is the same, you learn and you grow with it.

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